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"A vineyard's terroir is not only the soil, climate and ecosystem, but the energy and human element that farmers bring to the land."
- Jeremiah Timm


Jeremiah Timm

Originally from Wisconsin, Jeremiah found his passion for wine at an early age. After graduating from Fresno State University with a degree in Enology he moved to Sonoma County where he worked many years for Michael Browne at Kosta Browne from Enologist to Director of Winery Operation. He left Kosta Browne to explore the world of Cabernet. After a chance meeting, he reunited withMichael Browne and his team at CIRQ and was instrumental in launching Michael’s new brand, CHEV in 2018. Since then, Jeremiah has worked with the Browne Family Wines team to craft what Michael Browne calls Pinots Noirs with “intense elegance”.

Where the Wine is Made



The entire grape-to-bottle process at CHEV is precision-honed to the finest detail. Prepping for harvest — and ensuring the winery is ready for fruit — takes months of intense planning and organizing. From the hand-wrought finesse of grape-growing to fermenting, aging, blending and beyond, it’s a rigorous labor of love anticipating Mother Nature’s bounty. And they’re constantly fine-tuning countless behind-the-scenes tasks to make each vintage even better.
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