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  • Elite Pinot Noirs
"A vineyard's terroir is not only the soil, climate and ecosystem, but the energy and human element that farmers bring to the land."
- Michael Browne


Michael Browne

Michael’s journey began over two decades ago. From his earliest days at Deerfield Ranch Winery with hands stained black from countless hours harvesting to launching Kosta Browne with everything his family had (which wasn’t much). But after 23 years and three wonderful kids, Michael finally has his own family winery. 

Where the Wine is Made



The entire grape-to-bottle process at CHEV is precision-honed to the finest detail. Prepping for harvest — and ensuring the winery is ready for fruit — takes months of intense planning and organizing. From the hand-wrought finesse of grape-growing to fermenting, aging, blending and beyond, it’s a rigorous labor of love anticipating Mother Nature’s bounty. And they’re constantly fine-tuning countless behind-the-scenes tasks to make each vintage even better.
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