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“There is nothing more moving than seeing a fog-enveloped vineyard at first light!”
- Britt Richards


Britt Richards

Britt Richards joined the Head High team in 2018 after spending the last decade under the mentorship of such legendary winemakers as Nicholas Morlet and Philippe Melka. Britt is the added layer of inspiration to the people she works with at Head High. Britt takes a minimal approach to making wines, focusing on bringing out the qualities of the fruit sourced. A collaboration with their Director of Vineyard Operations Rob - they produce Head High Wines to reflect the cool, authenticity of Sonoma County.

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Head High Wines

In surfing slang, “head high” refers to the perfect sized wave - one that builds to the height of a rider’s head. Head High is an adventurous winery, built by surfers and explorers who are dedicated to contributing to a cleaner environment. They are free-spirited and creative, but also focused and hardworking winegrowers, dedicated to creating the best possible wines through vineyard stewardship, intelligent fruit sourcing, and meticulous care in the cellar. Head High believes really great wines should be available to everyone. 
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