Alta Orsa

Sonoma Region

  • Regenerative Farming
  • 160 Acre Estate
  • 2 Distinct Brands
“As a winemaker, I thrive at the intersection of experimentation and tradition. As a winegrower, I seek inspiration from the rhythms of nature.”
- Martin Bernal-Hafner


Martin Bernal-Hafner

Martin has had a depth of experience in the cellars of such mentors as M. Chapoutier and Paul Hobbs. This background provides a strong foundation for Alta Orsa and Orsa wines: balancing old-world traditions with exploratory experimentation, all while listening to the natural rhythm of the vines and fruit. 

Where the Wine is Made


Alta Orsa Winery

In 2018, Martin took on the stewardship of the Alta Orsa estate in our neighboring, beloved Mendocino County, which has been farmed using organic methods since the late 1980s. With an eye towards crafting different styles of wine, Martin has also partnered with heritage vineyards in Sonoma County to expand the offerings coming out of the AO cellar.

Orsa wines are meant to be accessible and authentic expressions of different North Coast appellations. Alta Orsa, on the other hand, consists of estate and vineyard designate wines, which are meant to stand out as beautiful, age-worthy examples of what our Region has to offer. The Alta Orsa mountain estate is certainly worth a visit to fully comprehend the wines being crafted by their small team, as well as for its views!

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