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“It's good to know what you care about, what you love, what means something to you and to do that thing irrespective of what the market or your peers do or say. Self-belief is more important than approbation.”
-Jake Hawkes


Jake Hawkes

Jake Hawkes has no formal training as a winemaker, but he has always loved to drink. He was born in Alexander Valley, grew up on a farm, and started making Chardonnay in high school in glass demi-johns. Thirty years later, his approach to winemaking is very much the same as it was then: keep it clean and stay away from oak. He lives in Alexander Valley with his wife and kids and works in the family business: growing grapes and making wine.

Where the Wine is Made



In 2012, Laura Carpenter started producing Pinot Noir from a number of different sites in the Russian River Valley and Sonoma Coast AVA’s. With a big hospitality background, she recently received her Court of Masters Sommeliers Level 2 Certification. 
After making the Bay Area her home in 1993, she emerged into food, beverage, and hospitality. Once the wine bug really took hold, she made a serendipitous series of decisions to make her passion a career.

The Stone Vineyard was planted by the Hawkes family in 1972. 40-acres of vines with 10 acres of Chardonnay and 1 acre of Semillon, both running alongside the Maacama Creek.

Carpenter is a collaborative effort, and it wouldn't be possible without all of the talented and hardworking people who have made it possible: the farmers, the pickers and pruners, the rig drivers, the suitcase-clonesmugglers, the barrel-makers, the hose draggers and tank cleaners, the sales team, the bottle-, cork-, label- and foil-makers, the bottling and delivery team, the winemaker, and above all, Mother Nature. Sonoma County is an ideal place to grow grapes, and we have been fortunate to farm here for the last 50 years. Carpenter wine is a celebration of place and people.

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