Chenoweth Wines

Sonoma Region

  • 750 acres
  • Family Owned
  • Female Winemaker
“Start with epic grapes and then don’t screw it up. The fruit is everything!”
- Amy Chenoweth


Amy Chenoweth

It’s often said that great wines are made in the vineyard, but for Charlie and Amy Chenoweth, that’s less a saying than an actual fact. For Charlie, the legendary grape grower, and Amy, the family winemaker, the fruit is everything. Proudly staked is a 20+ year history of farming some of the most coveted grapes in Sonoma County, on the land that has been in their family since the mid-1800’s.

Where the Wine is Made


Chenoweth Wines

And to say that friends are family is an understatement. As a close community in West Sonoma County, the Chenoweth’s have had a hand in the passion developed for wine and farming from the beginning. Now as part of the Region family, we love the chance to introduce Amy’s wine – she surely has something special in that Rose and Green Valley Pinot Noir!
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