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“We make authentic wines that tell a story of our place and our people. I’m proud that we share that story and our wines with genuine hospitality and connection.”
- Nathan R. Carlson


Nathan R. Carlson

The winemaking operations at Center of Effort are led by Nathan Carlson, a veteran Edna Valley winemaker, who has worked with our estate vineyards since 2008.  His experience over this time with the soil, climate, and character of each parcel of our vines has led to a quiet confidence in the ultimate results of our winemaking actions or restraint.

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Center of Effort

Center of Effort’s winemaking philosophy is to honor the natural character of their fruit, employing thoughtful craftsmanship to coax their wines into true expressions of the special terroir. There is nothing expedient in their approach. They embrace the detailed, labor-intensive methods required to make the finest wines. Their wines are fermented and aged in small lots, always with a gentle touch, and frequently relying on experienced intuition to guide their decisions.
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