Croma Vera

SLO Region

  • Spanish-inspired
  • Established in 2015
  • Handcrafted
“This is an exciting time to be making wine in this region. It’s beginning to earn praise for not only the beauty of the land, but the high quality of our wines.”
- Mindy Oliver


Mindy Oliver

Mindy has had a life-long passion for wine and winemaking that only intensified when she moved to California’s Central Coast. She began Croma Vera, Latin for ‘True Colors,’ in 2015. The name expresses how Mindy and Winemaker Jeremy Leffert guide meticulously farmed grapes with minimal intervention, allowing each vineyard to reveal its true, unique colors. It’s also a nod to Mindy’s background as a graphic designer. Her designs grace the wines.

Where the Wine is Made


Croma Vera

A tiny (but mighty) winery making damn good wine. Croma Vera is an independent micro-winery producing Albariño, Grenache, Tempranillo and Revelación, a Spanish-inspired blend. Croma Vera makes wines in small amounts focusing on just these few grape varieties sourced from high-quality, sustainably-farmed vineyards. Their focus and attention to detail extend from the vineyard to the cellar and into your glass.
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