Linne Calodo

SLO Region

  • Family Owned & Operated
  • Established in 1998
  • Willow Creek District AVA
“You see, this whole winemaking thing is more about a lifestyle choice, and it's a huge privilege to share my juice with you. For me winemaking is about building it from the ground up. It's a love story. A journey that has its ups and downs but in the end, you get out of it what you put in.”
- Matt Trevisan

Owner & Winemaker

Matt Trevisan

Matt Trevisan, Owner and Winemaker of Linne Calodo, crafted his first vintage in 1998. He has garnered accolades for his Rhone influenced and Zinfandel artisan blends, which has, in turn, amassed him a devoted following. While at Cal Poly studying biochemistry, Matt developed a passion for winemaking, having been introduced to Paso Robles vineyards by friends. After graduation, he apprenticed at local wineries for several years until starting Linne Calodo. Today, Matt farms 54 acres of estate fruit. Along with his wife Maureen, he has established a setting that is tranquil and serene. The inventiveness of Matt’s winemaking, paired with his philosophy of maintaining a sustainable business (environmentally sound, economically feasible, and socially equitable), ensures an exciting future for both winery and winemaker.

Where the Wine is Made


Linne Calodo

Winemaker Matt Trevisan founded Linne Calodo in 1998 with the dream of making wines from the dirt up.  Today Linne Calodo has 54 acres of sustainably grown estate vineyards that produce first class grapes which are shaped into our signature blends by Matt’s minimalist winemaking techniques. Known as a master blender, Matt’s wines are rich and powerful in flavor and texture while maintaining a delicacy on the palate that makes them a delight to consume. Sustainability is the hallmark of our business, and it is thanks to your patronage that we can continue to grow grapes, make wine, and do business in an environmentally and socially conscious way
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