Thibido Winery

SLO Region

  • Family Owned & Operated
  • Established in 2021
  • Willow Creek District AVA
“Planting Thibido vineyard and shepherding the fruit from dirt to bottle is the ultimate expression of true winemaking.”
- Josh Beckett

Owner & Winemaker

Josh Beckett

As a kid, Josh grew up at Peachy Canyon Win­ery with his fam­i­ly, founders Doug and Nan­cy Beck­ett. He worked in every aspect of wine, learn­ing tech­niques and farm­ing prac­tices from leg­ends and col­leagues in Paso Rob­les and through­out Cal­i­for­nia. In the ear­ly 2000s Josh worked at Cape Mentelle Win­ery in Mar­garet Riv­er, Aus­tralia and returned to Paso with a few new tricks as head wine­mak­er at Peachy Canyon Win­ery. Lat­er, he shook things up with his broth­er, Jake Beck­ett, and their brand, Chron­ic Cel­lars. After sell­ing Chron­ic Cel­lars to WX Brands, Josh devel­oped and plant­ed Thibido vine­yard in 2018 and 2019. 

Where the Wine is Made


Thibido Winery

The Thibido estate vineyard in the Willow Creek District of Paso Robles was planted in 2019. It fea­tures six vari­etals of grapes spanned across almost 11 acres that were select­ed for their blend­ing prop­er­ties and fla­vor pro­files. The high­ly effi­cient irri­ga­tion sys­tem runs off a large hold­ing tank to min­i­mize direct pump­ing of ground water and makes use of grav­i­ty to irri­gate vines. 
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